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Instituto de Ciência e Inovação em Engenharia Mecânica e Engenharia Industrial

INEGI is an industry-oriented Research and Technology Organization (RTO) with an organizational structure based on three pillars of activity: research with applied focus, innovation and technology transfer and consulting and advanced engineering and training services. For years, INEGI has focused on studying the sustainability and circularity of the products and complex systems it develops using advanced processes and methodologies. INEGI has an active presence in the main European and National technology platforms and initiatives, specifically in EARTO, EFFRA, EARPA, ESA, ACARE and Vanguard Initiative. INEGI’s infrastructure offers well-equipped laboratories and extensive engineering tools for supporting R&D activity as well as the production of industrial or commercial prototypes.

Role within RELiEF

INEGI will lead Work package 8 - Sustainability assessment and Business modelling. Here, INEGI will execute the tasks of developing a data management platform to create accurate and reliable life cycle inventory of the innovative processes developed in RELiEF. These results will help to identify the potential environmental and economic gains of RELiEF’s new approaches to lithium recovery in comparison with current extraction and processing approaches.

Main contacts

Photo of Joana Rosa Gouveia
Joana Rosa Gouveia

Team Leader INEGI

Photo of Luis Oliveira
Luis Oliveira

Deputy Team Leader INEGI