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About the Project

Lithium metal has been in high demand. Now more so than ever with the increasing popularity of e-mobility. Despite lithium recycling being an established process, an estimated 27% of the current global lithium production still turns into waste.

RELiEF sets out with the clear goal of reducing lithium waste by more than 70% through the use of previously unused secondary lithium sources.


Step 1 Sampling, extraction and material characterisation
Step 2 Lithium Leaching, recovery and battery material synthesis
Step 3 Battery material validation, process modelling and demonstration
Step 4 Sustainable business modelling

“By revolutionising the Lithium recycling process through the inclusion of unused secondary materials, the RELiEF project plays a crucial role in avoiding future supply chain disruptions and closing the loop for a circular economy.”

Gabriel Hidalgo, Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering, Belgium
Project Engineer and RELiEF coordinator

Duration 3 Years
Budget 6 Mio €
12 Partners 7 Countries