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While Lithium (Li) is abundantly present in secondary resources, until now, little attention has been paid to exploiting these resources. Apart from Li recovery from EOL (End Of Life) Li batteries, the many other potential secondary resources have been ignored, due to a lack of available process technology making their exploitation feasible. RELiEF aims to push forward the necessary advancements to open up these resources for Europe’s Li supply safety and independence.

Our key focus is then to recover battery grade Li from secondary sources and low-grade ores under one roof, by developing a flexible and continuous process flow sheet. To develop this successful recycling business model, three factors need to be fulfilled.

  • Knowledge Sharing: The RELiEF consortium is formed in a very interdisciplinary way and connects different fields of experts from mining and mineralogical processing, metals recycling, chemical processing, battery material processing, sustainability and business modelling.
  • Financial Potential: A well-designed business plan integrating a profitable financial plan is key to bringing any technology or service to the market. RELiEF will develop a business model that considers process sustainability from a wide perspective, including environmental and social sustainability. We also chart any potential issue that might arise from regulation and the institutional setting.
  • Technological Advancement: RELiEF is ambitious to attain the technological advancement that is necessary for a feasible exploitation of the targeted seconday Li resources. At the end of the project, the developed process flow will demonstrate successful Li recovery in a relevant environment (TRL5).