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Pegmatitica - Sociedade Mineira De Pegmatites, Lda.

Pegmatítica is a SME mining family, working in the "non-metallic" geological area – “Lithium Pegmatites” (Lepidolite), who was born in 1968 (54 years ago), adding innovation to the accumulated experience of 3 generations of miners.

Located in the center of Portugal near the highest mountain in Portugal and next to the border with Spain. C-57 mine is located in Gonçalo, Guarda and with offices in Mangualde, Viseu - Portugal. Being among European partners in consortia, is a practice that has been accumulating since 1993.

With an approved research project with universities and laboratories like RELiEF Project is another important milestone for our organization that adds value to our initiatives.

We aim to value, increase, diversify and innovate our offering product at the market. We work starting from the bulk Feldspar mining production.

In the current energy crisis, we seek to investigate all the potential of minerals to find energy gains. We want to develop new and innovative ways of using pegmatites based on the quality of their minerals rather than quantity. Supporting young talents in their transition from the University to active life in this sector is very important to us. Collaborating and interacting in regional sector initiatives is also investing in our future and also in our acceptance in the local community and between stakeholders. Nowadays, Pegmatítica, Ldª wants to go further.

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