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NOVA University Lisbon, NOVA School of Science and Technology

NOVA University Lisbon, NOVA School of Science and Technology (NOVA FCT) is one of most prominent schools of Engineering and Sciences in Portugal, organised in 14 Departments and 15 Research Centers, offering 102 study cycles. Distinguished for its excellence in scientific research, ranging from materials, environment and biotechnologies to conservation and restoration fields, NOVA FCT accounts for 13 ERC grants and merit prizes since 2014, with up to 125 European and International projects.

Role within RELiEF

In RELiEF, NOVA FCT leads Work Package “Effective Leaching” (WP 4). The main goal is to develop a sustainable technological process to leach lithium from secondary solid input streams (such as lithium metal slag and mine tailings), using organic or inorganic acids and bases. Furthermore, FCT NOVA contributes to other WPs, in particular to WP 5 “Selective recovery and purification of lithium”, leading Task 5.1, testing and optimizing an electrodialytic technology, aiming an efficient solubilisation and recovery of lithium from secondary source materials, with minimal environmental impacts.

Main contacts

Photo of Alexandra Ribeiro
Alexandra Ribeiro

Team Leader NOVA

Photo of Joana Almeida
Joana Almeida

Team Member