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Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering

Founded in 2019, Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (ABEE) is a dynamic engineering company specialized in battery and energy technologies for automotive and stationary applications. ABEE is supporting the industries in the development of tailored made solutions from battery materials to recycling for automotive and stationary applications through the development of dedicated multiscale simulation tools and functions integrated in various platforms.

Role within RELiEF

ABEE, as coordinator, is involved in the project management of RELiEF (WP1) providing a clear organizational framework throughout the project. It is also the lead beneficiary of one of the work packages (WP3) related to the pre-processing of input solid material to remove hazardous factors providing suitable material for subsequent extraction processes. Furthermore, ABEE takes part and leads various tasks across all work packages from the beginning (WP1) to the end (WP9) of RELiEF.

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Gabriel Hidalgo

Project Manager ABEE

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