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Official Kick-off meeting in Belgium: the RELiEF consortium meets in person for the first time

After a virtual kick-off meeting in July, the RELiEF consortium had the chance to participate in its official Kick-Off Meeting at the locations of the coordinator Avesta Battery and Engineering (ABEE) next to Brussels.

It was a perfect occasion to get to know each other and already work on the next steps of the project. The inputs delivered by the consortium show a strong commitment by all members and demonstrate the potential of the project.

The EC Project Officer provided the consortium with some useful guidance tools and we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

The main goal of RELiEF is to improve the Lithium (Li) metal circular value chain by developing a continuous battery material recovery process with integration of innovative and disruptive unit processing from the primary, recycling, and battery material processing fields and recover Li from potential secondary sources, in order to reduce unrecovered Li from its waste generation. Therefore, RELiEF will contribute strategically to decreasing the dependency of the EU on imported battery chemicals and raw materials by proposing an integrated recycling facility for Li from secondary raw material sources with continuous processing to produce battery materials.