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BEPA and European Commission publish Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

The BEPA/BATT4EU (Battery European Partnership Association), co-authored with the European Commission has recently published its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. The agenda outlines the strategic priorities for battery research and innovation in Europe. It aims to identify the strategic and critical actions led by EC-funded projects for the present and future of battery manufacturing in the EU.

Battery manufacturers, new industrial strategies, greater involvement of public and private decision-makers, the voices of civil society being heard more and more; the entire battery community has stepped up its cooperation to "support the establishment of the industrial value chain in Europe".

Although the will to consolidate this value chain is growing, the challenges facing the EU have never been greater. The EU's dependence on imported battery chemicals and raw materials, the need to contribute to the production of the next generation of lithium-ion batteries, and the economic, environmental and social obstacles to be overcome. All these aspects are considered in the RELiEF project, which aims to reduce lithium waste from mining by up to 70%, while establishing a new business model for material sourcing and processing, taking into account environmental and social sustainability.

The overarching objectives of all EU-funded projects within these topics will help setting the new foundations for the EU’s independency from battery and Critical Raw Material imports while enhancing its competitiveness in the global battery market.

This agenda provides an overview of the context in which the European value chain has to work, including how new EU policy objectives and measures interact with the research needs outlined in the Batteries Europe Roadmap. The RELiEF project is proud to be included in this document under the section “Dismantling and Recycling" and would like to continue to collaborate with the other EU-funded initiatives, as it has done since the beginning of the project and beyond.

Don't miss BEPA's webinar on 20 March to present the official document and to host engaging discussions with the experts behind this publication. Find out how this strategy will help redefine the dynamics of the European battery sector.

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